April 8, 2014

Chalk Painted Chair

I am super excited to be sharing this project with y'all.  I have wanted to try this for sooooooo long.  I've had these two chairs for a couple of years and I'm so over the brown stripe thing.  Last year I ordered some fabric to recover the chairs with. Love this fabric.

But every time I thought about tackling the recovering of these chairs, I just flaked. When I finally went to get started on the recovering business a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't get the dad gum legs off the chair! And then I couldn't find the wrench. Then I found some wine and got back on Pinterest and decided I would live with the stupid brown stripes awhile longer until I could get some handy man help.

A couple of weeks later I was gazing lovingly at my media center and thinking how much I love Paris Gray when I wondered if Annie Sloan Chalk Paint would work on fabric. More Pinterest searching and I found these fantastic painted chair makeovers. Seriously swoon worthy.

Robyn Story Designs

Artsy Chicks Rule

Fresh Idea Studio

Feeling inspired, I plopped  dragged my chair up on top of the dining table to keep it away from little hands while I painted. I used my favorite ASCP in Paris Gray.

I sort of mixed all the instructions I read on-line until I came up with what seemed to be working for me.  For the first two coats, I cut the paint with water (about half and half).  I used a spray bottle to wet the fabric in sections before painting and then applied the paint in thin coats.  It was painfully slow going.  By the third coat I started using about three quarters paint to one quarter water and still wet the fabric as I went.

Here's where I started to lose faith.....Three dang coats later and I could still see the brown.

I think at this point I gave up and poured some wine. (Hmmm....sensing a theme here). Then I went to bed in a big ol' sulk. But when I woke up and came down stairs, I noticed something.  Once the chairs had fully dried, the stripes weren't so visible. Then I got back on the internet and re-read the instructions. So apparently most people waited 24 hours between coats but I only waited a few hours. About that. I'm not really known for my ability to delay gratification. Truth.

The chair was looking way better so I watered down a bit more paint and got a fourth coat.  I figured by now, if it needed more than four coats, I'd be considering this a project fail and actually went so far as to pull the fabric out of the garage (handyman was coming over later that day!).  But. I liked it. In fact, I may love it.

Yup, I slopped on the chair legs but I was able to wipe the paint right off with some rubbing alcohol and water. Cheap, crappy furniture lesson learned when I re-did my bedroom furniture.

Some wax and an instant buff and we have a pretty little chair.

Not going to minimize the amount of work and paint this took. It took several days and over half a can of paint which is not cheap by any means.  But I'm loving it.  As an FYI, the color is a few shades lighter than how Paris Gray shows up on wood furniture (see desk in background for contrast) but it's pretty darn awesome nonetheless.

Let's hope it durable. Apologies for the blurry photo but I can't ever take pictures of the boys that aren't a blur. And, yes, that's a paint brush in his hands. Copycat!

That pillow is just wrapped in the fabric I intended to use for the chairs....making pillow covers asap.

Before and after anyone?

I'll keep you posted on how it holds up to the amount of abuse it's going to get in this house.

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