December 1, 2013

DIY Glittery Deer Canvas

Anyone else obsessed with deer heads? Not the real ones, of course. I might be little bit redneck but I'm not that far gone yet. But the faux deer heads? I'm just kind of in love with them. Which is why this canvas was one of the very first projects I made with my new Silhouette Cameo. Yup. I said Silhouette. I finally took the plunge and now I can't believe I waited so long. So. Much. Fun.

Now onto this little project...

I downloaded this deer head picture from a free clip art site (can't remember which one any longer....oops) and opened it into the Silhouette studio.

After a few unsuccessful attempts I finally figured out how to trace the deer and cut it out. I didn't want to waste the vinyl so I used some shelf liner instead.  Way cheaper than the vinyl and I got a huge roll from the dollar store. Yay!  I peeled away the deer cut out and stashed it away for later use because I wanted the outline to use as a sort of stencil.

I grabbed a canvas from the craft room that I had on hand and painted it with some leftover white paint from the master bedroom. I seem to have about a hundred of these canvases "on hand". Note to self for the next time canvas is on sale.  I don't need any. Ever.

Once the canvas was dry...(Okay, mostly dry.  I'm the impatient type.), I lined up the vinyl as best I could and painted it thoroughly with mod podge.

And then I dropped a pile of gold glitter over the cut out.  Because gold is back and all that good stuff.

I let the canvas sit for a couple of hours until I was pretty sure that the glitter was secure.  Then I just dumped the excess back into the jar and carefully removed the vinyl.  And we have some fancy, glittery deer head art of our very own.  

So stinkin' cute!  

I'm thinking of doing a deer head pillow but then I'll have to stop with the deer heads before the house starts to look like a taxidermist.  Anyone else as fixated as I am?